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SEC Power Poll, Week 6: Beatpaths!

Thanks to the 3 through 7 shaking out quite nicely, the SEC Power Poll was pretty easy to take care of.

1: Alabama Crimson Tide. At this point, it's them and LSU. Two dominating wins over the best of the rest of the SEC puts them clearly at the top of the food chain.

1: LSU Tigers. It's a good sign when a 28-point win over Kentucky is just kind of glossed over like beating Tulane by 45 on Homecoming, right? At least they play a real team this week.

3: Arkansas Razorbacks. Apparently getting rolled by Alabama on the road isn't the worst thing. They were fortunate enough to be on the same field as Texas A&M in the second half last Saturday, which was nice, but I'm still not sure I have much of a read on this team.

4: Florida Gators. No shame in getting completely dominated by Alabama. (Well, some shame for having that happen at home.) The loss of John Brantley - for however long - is a huge blow, and who thought that sentence would be written at any point in 2011?

5: Auburn Tigers. Somehow, Auburn keeps on pulling out close, last-minute wins. I'm not going to say I understand the what or the how, but at this point it's probably just safer to let it ride and see what happens when - or if - their luck turns.

6: South Carolina Gamecocks. South Carolina is that car your friend's working on. You know, the car that looks nice, but always has one thing wrong with it he's working on in his spare time, except when he fixes that part something else goes wrong, and next thing you know Stephen Garcia is hanging out in his garage and it's all downhill from there.

7: Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia is quietly rounding into shape on defense and not-so-quietly in the running game. That might be good enough, but Tennessee's a much tougher test than their last few games.

8: Tennessee Volunteers. Did what they were supposed to do against Buffalo. Up next: a make-or-break game against Georgia.

9: Mississippi State Bulldogs. Posited: Mississippi State is that team everyone beats up on in-conference to say that the SEC is tough week-in, week-out. But if it keeps Dan Mullen around for another year, it's probably okay, right?

10: Vanderbilt Commodores. Vanderbilt had a bye week last week. You watched just as much Vanderbilt football last week as you did the three weeks prior. It's okay, you can admit it. We're all friends here.

11: Mississippi Rebels. Hey, the Rebels won a road game! That gets them out of the cellar, but that's it.

12: Kentucky Wildcats. Beat that spread! Beat that spread! Beat that spread! Seriously, how did they beat that spread?