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#OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: Tracking Tennessee Football's Opportunity for Improvement Post-Buffalo

Here we are again, keeping tabs on the things Tennessee does well and the things that present them with the, ahem, most opportunity for improvement. First up, the list of Things Tennessee is Doing Well:

Categories In Which Tennessee
Is/Was In The Top Quartile This Season


Offense Third-down Efficiency   11 4 7 T-1
Time of Possession 90 14 5 10 5
Defense Fourth-down Efficiency - - T-1 19 T-7
Passing Efficiency   7 5 13 8
Passing Offense 30 16 9 11 11
First Downs 92 66 11 12 11
Passes Had Intercepted         T-17
Kickoff Return Yardage Defense 9 14 12 21 18
First Downs Allowed         20
Scoring Offense   27 22 - 21
Red Zone Efficiency 104 T-7 -   23
Turnovers Lost         T-26

Woo passing offense. So yeah, the Vols' passing offense is not only good, but elite, all caveats about the competition notwithstanding. Expect some drop off after this week due to Georgia's excellent pass defense.

Oh, hey look. It's a bona fide defensive category! No, not the defense 4th-down efficiency stuff, the first downs allowed. Woo for that. Pass defense, total defense, and scoring defense are also creeping up on the threshold of good.

Near misses: Tennessee's almost there in total offense with a national ranking of 31st.

Let's take a look at the players who made the top 30 this week:


Player Stat MT CIN FL BUF
Tyler Bray Points Responsible For T-19 T-4 T-6 3
Tyler Bray Passing Efficiency 5 5 15 7
Tyler Bray Passing Yards Per Game 14 6 7 T-7
Tyler Bray Total Offense 29 9 12 13
Tyler Bray Total Passing Yards 14 4 5 16
Tyler Bray Passing (completions) - 10 14 16
Da'Rick Rogers Receiving Yards Per Game       17
Justin Hunter Receiving Yards Per Game 11 10 18 21
Da'Rick Rogers Receptions Per Game - - 25 25

It pains me to remove Justin Hunter's total receiving yards and receptions per game from the list, but it simulataneously pleases and irks me that we're doing so almost two full games after he went out with an injury and that he's still ranked 21st in receiving yards per game even now. Da'Rick Rogers is filling in admirably and is almost into the top 30 in total receiving yards. So who's going to fill in for Rogers? Stay tuned.


And now for those areasofgreatestopportunity:

Categories In Which Tennessee
Is (Or Was) In The Bottom Quartile
This Season

Category 2010 MT CIN FL BUF
Net Punting - - - 96 116
Passes Intercepted - - - 93 111
Turnovers Gained         98
Rushing Offense 105 74 - 105 98
Fewest Yards Penalized Per Game - - - 98 -
Fewest Penalties Per Game - - - 97 -
Offense Fourth Down Efficiency 96 59   94 -
Punt Returns 109 64 - 91 -

Let's just say this: It's a very good thing that Tyler Bray isn't throwing more interceptions because we've certainly not had the ability to make up for it on the other side of the ball. The defense needs to start generating turnovers. And rushing offense? Ugh. Net punting? DOUBLE UGH!

Still, there's some good news in that penalties, punt returns, and offense 4th-down efficiency is no longer on the Really Really Bad list.