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Vols Lose Game to Georgia, Tyler Bray to Big Orange Pox

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Drive chart and a few brief comments after the jump.


That is one of the thinnest drive charts I have seen in a long time. Yes, that's three total offensive drives in the first half. Neither team could find the end zone, and the score was tied at the half, but one could say that Tennessee had the edge, having attempted three field goals but missing one while Georgia punted once.

But oh, the second half. On its first possession after the break, a bad snap sailed over Tyler Bray's head on 3rd down, and Matt Darr followed it up with a 31-yard punt, giving the Bulldogs the ball on the bad 38 yard line. A questionable pass interference call put them at the two with a full set of downs, and they turned it into the game's first TD.

On Tennessee's next drive, an apparent touchdown on 3rd and 16 was called back and turned into a 4th and 3, and Dooley sent out the punting unit. This punt was actually good, pinning the Bulldogs deep, but their first play went 71 yards when Malcolm Mitchell get behind our secondary, which Bulldogs had been doing all night without actually catching the ball. I could not tell you where our safeties were the whole game. Anyway, they caught this one, and Georgia turned that play into a touchdown as well, and suddenly the score was 20-6, and the game was pretty much over.

But the bad news wasn't. The Vols could make nothing of a hilarious 4th and 56 for Georgia, and Bray later whacked his throwing hand against a Georgia defender's helmet and either broke or dislocated his thumb. Our kicker had an extra point blocked and then kicked the onside attempt out of bounds. And LSU and Alabama are up next. And then South Carolina.

Herman Lathers out early. Janzen Jackson, gone. Justin Hunter. Gone. Tauren Poole. Something hammy something. Tyler Bray, bad thumb on throwing hand. Pox.