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RTT Pick 'Em - Week 11 Trends

As we enter the final three weeks of the season, you can still get in on the weekly action in our Rocky Top Talk 2011 group at Fun Office Pools.  Weekly winners receive a $10 gift card to Gameday Depot.  If you're new to the site or our pick 'em contest, we pick twenty games per week straight up using confidence points:  20 for your most confident pick, 1 for your least confident pick.  Last year's champion grayhound continues to hold a narrow lead of seven points in our overall standings, at 151-49 overall.

Here's how our community is feeling about this week's action as of Thursday afternoon:

  • It's the return of meaningful Thursday Night Football!  #10 Virginia Tech travels to Atlanta to face #20 Georgia Tech.  It should be the Coastal Division title game, but pesky UVA won't go away.  Georgia Tech needs a win tonight plus a UVA loss (vs Duke, at FSU, vs VT) to make the ACC title game, while the Hokies control their own destiny.  55% of our readers like Virginia Tech on the road tonight.
  • Friday's game is currently our closest matchup on the board, with 53% taking Syracuse to hold serve at home over South Florida.
  • In Saturday's SEC action, 74% take South Carolina at home over Florida, 89% take Georgia at home over Auburn, and 92% take Vanderbilt (there's a phrase I haven't heard before) at home over Kentucky.  Meanwhile 96% like Alabama at Mississippi State.  And 79% like Arkansas over the Vols.
  • Elsewhere, 70% take Nebraska at Penn State, 64% take Stanford at home over Oregon, and 89% like Boise on the blue turf over TCU.