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Tennessee Vs. Arkansas: Final Player Report

No individual awards this week, sorry. I can't look at a 49-7 loss and pick out any superlatives. There was Da'Rick Rogers and his 106 receiving yards who would have to take home honors any other day. Justin Worley grew up a bit but had another crucial orange zone pick. Then there was Marlin Lane breaking free for a long run ... only to get dragged down from behind. [I don't know what's worse: The fact that Lane's 46-yard run was the longest of UT's season or that it replaced one from our punter.] Anyway, onto the awards.


There's perhaps no fanbase in the country that likes talking about uniforms more than Tennessee. [When you have had the past half-decade we have, what else is there to get excited about?] Well, against Arkansas, Derek Dooley found a way "change" our look without changing tradition. The Vols sported tight, checkerboard undershirts with "Rocky" down one sleeve and "Top" down the other. I didn't think I'd like it, but it grew on me. Would I want this every game? No. Would I want to wear them under our home jerseys? Eh, not likely. But they look sharp for the occasional wear. They looked much better than we played, I thought.

Bless His Heart: OUR PUNT TEAM

I know it was just a great individual effort on Joe Adams' electrifying punt return for a touchdown that took the wind out of UT's sails, but how many people had the chance to tackle him? Seven? Nine? DVR went out on me and didn't get to re-watch it. Should I care when Dooley and the gang didn't?? I remember a particularly egregious blown tackle by Dontavis Sapp. Then, Austin Johnson was basically on Adams' back before getting shrugged off. In a word, the whole thing was embarrassing.