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RTT Pick 'Em - Week 12 Trends

We're a little late this week, which means you've got just hours to lock in your picks in our Rocky Top Talk 2011 group over at Fun Office Pools before the Thursday night kickoff.  As always, weekly winners receive a $10 gift card to Gameday Depot, and we've still got two full weeks of the regular season and then the lighter load of championship week before we determine our season champion.  And yes, there will be a separate pool for bowl games.  As always, consider this your live thread for Thursday night action.

Here's how our community is feeling about this week's matchups as of late Thursday afternoon:

  • Tonight:  96% like Virginia Tech over North Carolina.  Live from southwest Virginia, I've got 33 degrees and snow flurries at the house, with wind chills dipping easily into the low 20s.
  • Fun fact of the week:  exactly one person has picked Kentucky over Georgia.  One person has picked Ole Miss over LSU.  And one person has picked Mississippi State over Arkansas.  If it's the same person, best of luck catching up this week.
  • Elsewhere, close calls abound:  On the road, 76% like Cincinnati at Rutgers, 65% like Iowa at Purdue, and 54% like Kansas State at Texas.  At home, 58% like Michigan over Nebraska, 70% like Ohio State over Penn State, and yep, 69% like the Vols on Saturday night.