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Non Tennessee Football Games Open Thread

Yes, we have Tennessee and Vanderbilt for bowl eligibility and off season sanity this evening at 7:00 (the game thread for that goes up at 6:00), but with Iowa State knocking off Oklahoma State last night, the college football landscape just got a lot more interesting. We have a top 25 matchup in Nebraska at Michigan and perhaps history's least compelling top 25 matchup in Kansas State at Texas.

The real interest today, though, is what those one-loss powerhouse teams still in contention for the National Championship do to hapless opponents to make their resume stand out among the crowd. Double the interest when one of those teams is Oregon and the other is coached by Lane Kiffin.

And LSU remains undefeated and goes up against an absolutely terrible Ole Miss team. LSU should thank the Cyclones for the wake up call, but even with the Tigers awake, anything can happen. Plus, LSU still has Arkansas and probably Georgia.They can still fall back to the pack.

Anyway, it should be a fun day. Here's the orange-tinted schedule:

#16 Nebraska at #18 Michigan 12:00 ESPN
Kentucky at Georgia 12:21 SECN
Mississippi State at Arkansas 3:30 CBS
Vanderbilt at Tennessee 7:00 ESPN
LSU at Ole Miss 7:00 ESPN
#5 Oklahoma at #22 Baylor 8:00 ABC
#13 Kansas State at #23 Texas 8:00 FX
USC at Oregon 8:00 ABC