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Should Herman Lathers Play or Posture for 2012?

[Note by Joel Hollingsworth, 11/03/11 10:35 AM EDT ] Argh! More coffee! Yes, thanks for the clarification, all. Lathers has at least one more year regardless. The question remains, though, whether he plays this year at the risk of losing a chance at an additional year of eligibility.

With all of the controversy about Justin Worley's redshirt, the decision about Herman Lathers' season may be even more difficult. Lathers used a redshirt in 2008, but he seems to have a good case for another one for this season through a medical hardship waiver. It's not a given, though, and the team could certainly still use him this season. If he plays, he may help the team become bowl eligible, but that will be the last we see of him foreclose the possibility of an additional year. If he does not play, the bowl eligible goal for the team becomes more difficult, but there's a chance Lathers could return at full speed next season for two more seasons. A chance, I say, because you never know with the NCAA. He could be done lose the extra year anyway, regardless of whether he plays this season.

Lathers isn't ready this week and probably isn't needed for MTSU, but he probably will be for the pivotal Vandy game. The decision is his, of course, but what do y'all think? Should he play this year or should he improve his hand for the possibility of a full season in 2012 another year of eligibility?