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Basketball Vols Set Starting Lineup, Vow to PLAY HARD

We have our starting five for the first exhibition game of the Cuonzo Martin Era. Let's call it Jeronney McTraetum. That'd be Kenny Hall at center, Jeronne Maymon at power forward, Cam Tatum at the three, Jordan McRae at shooting guard, and Trae Golden at point. Renaldo Woolridge is keeping a good attitude, saying that there's a healthy competition, so he's still looking to crack the starting lineup.

The team is not listening to the doubters. Actually, they're listening, taking notes, and using it as motivation to prove us all wrong. According to Tatum, this team will be identified by "maximum effort," and Swiperboy says fans should expect "competitiveness and a heightened sense of urgency," phrases that almost make me goose-pimply.

The game tips tonight at 7:00 p.m. in Thompson-Boling. You can actually watch it live on

Oh, and Skylar McBee is sporting the world's worst/best mustache and I am offering a substantial reward for the first person who steals Derek Dooley's pants and prints PLAY HARD on the butt. (Not really -- I won't even bail you out of jail, so don't waste your one phone call on me.)