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Non Tennessee Football Games Open Thread

Here's your college football viewing schedule for today.

LSU at Alabama 8:00 CBS

What's that? That's not the only game today this week this year? Who knew?

Yeah, Tennessee's playing MTSU for homecoming at mostly the same time as LSU-Alabama, and the free world is torn asunder by the viewing dilemma. But before we get to all of that, there are also several other games of note. Yes, South Carolina-Arkansas is also a matchup of top ten teams. Really. Go fact check me on it. I'll wait.

I know! Bizarre. Oklahoma State and Kansas State is a top 15 matchup and a good game as well. But can somebody please not put all of the good games on at once? My DVR cannot record four channels at the same time. It complains. And what in the world are we supposed to do until 7:00? Okay, yeah, we Vol fans would love to see Vandy beat Florida. HAhahahaha. Um, uh-oh. And A&M at OHHHhhklahoma is kind of like the tortilla chips or peanuts before the tacos or steaks, except that they're crackers and croutons, but I guess we can make do.

Vanderbilt at Florida 12:21 SECN
Texas A&M at Oklahoma 3:30 ABC/ESPN2
Middle Tennessee at Tennessee 7:00 FSN South (channel guide)
South Carolina at Arkansas 7:15 ESPN
Kansas State at Oklahoma State 8:00 ABC/ESPN2
LSU at Alabama 8:00 CBS

On a serious note, what are you, fellow Vol fan, doing about the LSU at Alabama game? Me, hate to miss even a single play of any Vol game live, but . . . you know. I thought about having two threads for the Vol game, one in which discussion of other games would be permitted and a safe one for folks who wanted to KNOW NOTHING until after the UT game so they could then watch the other game via DVR with close-to-complete drama. But these days, unless it's on STINK-PPV, you can't watch one game without involuntarily being updated on another. I imagine FSN will be all over THE MATCHUP OF THE CENTURY. I doubt that Laverne and Larry will be all that concerned about the UT-MTSU game unless they can come up with some new alternative catch phrase to "bless their hearts." So there's a better chance of not finding out what happened in the UT game while watching LSU-AL than vice versa. And the reason we're watching UT is to find out more about our guys, anyway, not necessarily for the drama. BUT IT'S TENNESSEE, AND THEY'RE ALABAMA AND WHERE DOES OUR LOYALTY LIE ANYWAY!

So whatever will we do? What do you plan to do?