An SEC Official on the John Chavis Defense


I thought this was really interesting. Perhaps a little bit of chaos on defense is a good thing. 1. LSU Tigers SEC official: "What jumps out at you is their speed on defense. On the field with them, there are times when it feels like they are totally lost. You know they know what the play call is, but it never looks like it. It looks chaotic. And I do think they have a tendency to just kind of wing it sometimes, but certainly not to the level that it looks. Then, after the ball is snapped it's like -- bang! -- swarming. Wherever the ball goes, they go. That's that speed. As an official, you have to back it up, play it loose and be ready to react to anything. "When the defensive coordinator [John Chavis] was at Tennessee, they were the same way -- so fast that it allows them to lure an offense into a zone and then punish them for going there. The difference with this LSU defense versus what he had in Knoxville is that it does a much better job when it comes to that punishment. They subscribe to that old Florida State school of 'don't hit them after the whistle, but hit them as close to the whistle as you possibly can.' My former colleagues who are in the NFL now say they see the same thing with teams like the Ravens or the Steelers.