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RTT Pick 'Em - Championship Week

It comes down to this: fourteen games for the Rocky Top Talk 2011 Pick 'Em Championship at Fun Office Pools. We started the year with 157 entrants, and the field is more crowded at the top on the final week of picks than ever before. Last year's champion Grayhound (with 2163 confidence points) holds a two point lead over wedflatrock and Pete Carroll. nc2316 - who is almost a lock for best overall record at 196-64 straight up - is just five points back of the overall lead in confidence points. LuckyGuess, jfarrar90, Tyler Bray's Sweet Tat, WhiteWinterHymnal, and a handful of others are still within striking distance as well.

Among our regular front page authors, Joel is in 18th place overall at 183-77 and 2109 points. Hooper is right behind him in 21st place with 2102. Sadly, I don't think any of the rest of us will catch them to claim RTT author bragging rights, as I'm next closest way back in 44th overall. Is it because I put 20 points on the Vols almost every week? Who can say for sure?

We'll have a separate pool for all the bowl games that will reset the standings, so be on the lookout for that next week. Until then, here's how our community is feeling one last time:

  • In tonight's game, West Virginia should be able to secure the Big East's automatic bid with a win at South Florida, and 89% of us think they'll do just that. Louisville has already claimed a share of the conference title, but WVA and Cincinnati can join them with victories, and the tiebreaker would be the BCS ranking. Cincinnati hosts UConn on Saturday, and 100% of us are on board with the Bearcats.
  • On Friday, so far no one wants to take 31.5 point dog UCLA against Oregon in the first ever Pac-12 Championship. In the MAC Championship, 73% take Northern Illinois over Ohio.
  • In Atlanta, 95% take LSU over Georgia. In Stillwater, 68% like Oklahoma State to secure the Big 12 BCS title. 97% like Houston in the Conference USA Championship. 84% take Wisconsin over Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship, and 87% like Virginia Tech to earn revenge on Clemson in the ACC Championship.