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Talking Points: While We Wait Edition

I trust y'all had a happy Christmas. Me, I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things and suffering starts and stops and fits in the process. But what better way to kick start yourself into gear than with a little Talking Points, eh?

  • Oh, okay. There is no news. I see. Although John Adams thinks it's too quiet and that Derek Dooley should do something about that. Do we need Dooley to tell us it's all going to be okay?
  • And another thing from Adams: Quarterback Gunner Kiel has narrowed his list to LSU, Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt. That story's a pretty tenuous connection to Tennessee, but it might not be the unadulterated troll job it appears to be, either.
  • Rumor has it that the new SEC football schedule will be released . . . yesterday. Dang, more bamboo for Christmas. While we wait, Mr. SEC has your speculation fix. How'd you like to wake up Christmas morning and find an SEC schedule under the tree? Weeeeeeee!
  • Dr. Saturday is doing his year-end Superlatives series. So far, we have the Best Plays and the Biggest Gaffes.