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Your Bad Early Bowl Games Open Thread

Not to mince words here, but: the early bowl games are kinda bad. That being said, I know y'all are watching them anyway, so we may as well just use an open thread for all the games. (Except for the Independence Bowl, which received special treatment.) All games should be on ESPN3*, and hey look, a bowl schedule! We'll hold this thread for:

  • Motor City-turned-Little Caesar's Bowl (Western Michigan / Purdue, 12/27, 4:30 EDT)
  • Belk Bowl (Fightin' Charlie Strongs vs. Notorious T.O.B., 12/27, 8:00 EDT)
  • Military Bowl (Toledo vs. Air Force, 12/28, 4:30 EDT)
  • Holiday Bowl, aka the only decent game of the lot wait WHAT (Cal v. Texas, 12/28, 8 PM EDT and a complete downer compared to what's normally going on here)
  • Champs Sports Bowl (FSU vs. Notre Dame vs. national relevance vs. echoes in a four-way death match, 12/29, 5:30 PM EDT)
  • Alamo Bowl (CREAM! and the rest of Baylor vs. Washington, 12/29, 9 PM EDT)
  • Pinstripe Bowl (currently in progress - Rutgers vs Iowa State, 12/30)
  • Music City Bowl (Mississippi State vs. Wake Forest, 12/30, 6 PM EDT - hide the children)
  • Insight Bowl (iowa vs. Oklahoma, so because this game is before January Stoops should be okay, 12/30, 9:30 PM EDT or so)
  • Meineke Car Care Bowl (HOT NEW SEC TEAM Texas A&M vs. Persa Strong, 12/31, 12 PM EDT)
  • Sun Bowl (Georgia Tech vs. Utah, 12/31, 2 PM EDT)
  • Fight Hunger Bowl (...let's not talk about this, 12/31, 3:30 PM EDT)
  • Liberty Bowl (Cincinnati vs. HEY YOU GUYS JAMES FRANKLIN IS REALLY TURNING VANDERBILT AROUND, 12/31, 3:30 PM EDT, come decked in red and black plzkthx)
  • Peach Bowl (Virginia vs. Auburn, 12/31, 7:30 PM EDT)
Hey you guys, real football! Live football!

Will, if you get a chance can you update with the percentages from FOP? I can't find them.

*Yeah, I know it's called something else now. Don't care. This is the D 1-A bowl season.

Also: LOL MAN UNITED (yeah, I know nobody else cares).