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SEC to Release the 2012 SEC Football Schedule Today at 10:00

It's official. The SEC will be releasing the 2012 SEC football schedule this morning at 10:00. I'm hoping that Alabama will have to play Alabama and LSU LSU. It's only fair. Shoot, those two teams playing for the national championship also currently have top 5 recruiting classes. Shigeru Miyamoto says this is not fair and no fun and is currently coding in a nice flying blue shell courtesy of one of us teams in the back. We did save money by not going to a bowl game (huh?), so let's make Miyamoto our Phil Knight, aight? (Incidentally, mis-typing "flying blue shell" can come out as "flying blue hell," which is as accurate.) Seriously, though, if we are one year behind Michigan, perhaps we can do something like this next December. There's hope in that post, so if you're hungry for such things, go.

John Adams thinks we need running backs, which is basically setting the snark on auto and emailing it in. Oh, look, Gunner Kiel didn't commit to Vanderbilt after all. He's going to LSU to get hit with a new flying shell with a Power T on it.

Extras . . . The basketball Vols return from Christmas break looking for their first three-game winning streak of the season . . . Happy birthday to Messrs Bray and McBee . . . Doc Sat posts the best comebacks of 2011.