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Should Tennessee Give DeAnthony Arnett an Unconditional Release?

The Tennessee football program has decided to grant DeAnthony Arnett only a conditional release, meaning Arnett won't be able to sign with the two school's he's most interested in -- Michigan State and Michigan. He's not happy, and he's released a letter to the media:

The Arnett family for years has been tight. I never knew the conditions for my Father would worsen like this. 2 heart attacks, dialysis, etc.. has made it so I cannot focus on anything but his health/well being. I never imagined being unable to have my dad at any games or me being able to see him as he endures his battle with health. Yes I want to play football but I NEED to be here for my dad and with my family. I am also still pursuing my goal of being the best student-athlete I can be

My mom is in a finacial bond my father was forced to retire from his job at General Motors because of a Lung Diseas on Disability, so I started recieving social security checks for a monthly payment of 1100 a month. I was 14 years old when most of this occured so I was un able to recieve my own check until I turned 18 years old so she always controlled my money and she used that as part of her income. When I turned 18 years old the checks came in my name but my mom and I always shared the funds with her. When June came upon my graduation I recieved a letter from the social security adminstration that my checks would be cut when I graduated so a 1100$ of income was taken from my mother household. She only attended one game this past season.

As this season went on I never was use to my parents not being at my games so it made the season a little harder for me but I still competed hard in my classes as my transcript grades from last semester were three B's and C and I appeared in all 12 games as a true freshman this season working hard every weak to earn my playing time.

Coach Dooley, myself or anybody doesnt know what the future holds for my Father and I feel that I represented the University of Tennessee the best way I can on and Off the field and I feel I have earned the right to be released unconditional to all schools in Michigan. Especially with The University of Tennessee not scheduling any Program

From the state of Michigan on their current or future schedules. Coach Dooley has singled two programs that I cant get a unconditional release to and thats University of Michigan and Michigan State University. He told me I can attend any Mac school that I want and If I wanted to attend The University of Michigan and Michigan State University then I would have to pay for school instead of be on the Scholorship. I dont know whats next my family cant afford to pay for school and my father health reason isnt good enough excuse for me to attend a BCS school close to home. (According to coach dooley). Therefore as a student athlete i feel coach dooley is trying to hinder my success by not allowing me to compete at a bcs level! And he's neglecting the fact that my father is severely ill.

I always try to keep in mind the proverb that whoever speaks first always seems right, and we may not know the whole story here. On the other hand, if the school doesn't give its own side of the story, this is all we have to go on. So based on what we know right now, do you think a conditional release is appropriate?