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Talking Points Wants You to Enforce Your Policies Strictly and Without Exception

Let us echo Glory Johnson and say, "Congratulations" to Pat Summitt for being named Sports Illustrated's 2011 Sportswoman of the Year. Mike Unspellable is the mag's Sportsman of the Year, and he and Summitt join the likes of Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Billie Jean King as honorees.

Congrats, too, to Malik Jackson and Da'Rick Rogers for earning all-SEC first team honors from the AP. Props to Jackson and a word of warning to Rogers:

So UT Compliance is sending out letters to Knoxville car dealers telling them what they can and can't do in their businesses when it comes to student athletes, which really gets at the problem, doesn't it? How in the world does the NCAA have any right or ability to govern how local businesses do business with its own customers? The letters informs the dealers that student-athletes can't receive exclusive discounts, can't test drive cars in a way that is inconsistent with policy, or get discounted loan rates or services. So basically, nothing out of the ordinary, even though most other folks are eligible for the out-of-the-ordinary.

Yes, the coaching moves. Darin Hinshaw is expected to move from QBs coach to WRs coach, Jim Chaney is expected to be responsible for QBs, and UT is apparently in the market for a running backs coach, which is sweet sweet music to these tired old ears.

Pig to choose between UCF and Tennessee tomorrow. Really. We're in a contest with UCF.

UT has a great Vols in the NFL Update feature where they let you know what former Volunteers did in the pros. You can see Kevin Burnett's pick 6 if you don't mind sitting through 45 seconds of jewelry commercials first. It's actually worth it.

You know, LSU's pretty good. They beat eight ranked teams, five on the road, and still outscored their opponents by 363 points. Sigh.