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Cameron Clear To Announce Decision At 2:00 ET: Tennessee Recruiting

Oh, what the heck. Cameron Clear is announcing today at 2:00 ET whose scholarship offer he'll be accepting. As we've said earlier (here and here), Clear's clearly (knee-slap) the top prospect in the state of Tennessee and either a tight end (which he prefers) or an offensive lineman (which would be just fine, too).  He's a 4-star, according to Rivals, and a bunch of schools are in the running, including Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Louisville, Memphis, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt, but word is his leaders are Alabama, Tennessee, and . . . Duke. With such a list, he must be both talented and smart, and being from Memphis, we want this guy at Tennessee.

I don't yet have a stream or a way to watch the announcement live, so if you find something better than trusty old Twitter, please put it in the comments.