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Tennessee's Bigs Not Going To The Foul Line

Talking Points for today, quickie-style:

  • Did you know that before SEC play, UT was "leading the nation" in going to the foul line? Not so much in SEC play, and Pearl's not blaming anyone, but he does say that "[o]ur inside guys aren't going, and that's definitely a factor." I'm not sure that applies to Brian Williams, who's been tearing it up since his potential game-winning shot against Florida in overtime was blocked by Alex Tyus. According to Williams, "There's no better team for us to bounce back against than the top team in the East," so we should expect all of our bigs to go big against the Gators tomorrow. Or so we hope. A win would go a long way toward making a final push to post-season, as "all we have left [on the schedule] are resume builders," according to Pearl.
  • Oh, look. The NCAA's considering a 10-second runoff rule for penalties in the final minute of games. With our luck, we'll be the first team to have it assessed against them. Wouldn't that be just hilarious? No? Right.
  • Tennessee put 38 on the SEC fall academic honor roll, including 20 football players.
  • Phil Simms regrets threatening Desmond Howard for Howard's public insult of Matt Simms before the LSU game last year. "I've learned another lesson," says Simms, which may be that Desmond Howard has a Twitter account and isn't afraid to use it.
  • OT Gabe Wright, in trying to decide between Tennessee and Auburn, called Gerald Jones, and Jones told him Auburn sucked, Trooper Taylor was the devil, and Tennessee was the only way to riches beyond your wildest imagination. Actually, Jones said nice things about both Tennessee and Trooper, and Wright chose Auburn. Say what you want about recruiting and making your best pitch and all, but if Trooper was here, it would have been a done deal for UT.