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Tennessee Safety Brent Brewer Suspended Indefinitely After Domestic Assault Arrest

Derek Dooley indefinitely suspended safety Brent Brewer after he was arrested this weekend on a domestic assault charge. Going back to Dooley's "we expect more of you" attitude on such things, his decision doesn't necessarily mean that he's concluded his own investigation and found Brewer to be guilty (or not guilty), so the suspension could be lifted or the punishment could get worse later. "We respect everyone's right to the legal process but also acknowledge a greater standard of conduct associated with the privilege of being a member of the Tennessee football team," said Dooley. Brewer, a 22-year-old former player for the Milwaukee Brewers organization, was out on a $1,500 bond on Sunday.

Brewer played in every game this season and had 30 tackles (20 solo, 10 assists, 1 for a loss), 3 passes defended, and 1 quarterback hurry. More importantly, he was developing into an absolutely frightening (for the opponents) hitter and, combined with Janzen Jackson, a Safety Tandem of Intimidation like UT hasn't seen in a very long time. Now, though, combined with Jackson's withdrawal from school for personal reasons, Tennessee just lost half of its starters in the secondary. Either or both could be back, but either or both could be gone as well, so it's a good thing we have a load of fresh new DBs coming in.

(Hat tip to Incipient_Senescence for the first FanPost on this.)