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The BasketVols approach final leg still in search of answers

We are 15-10 overall and 5-5 in league play.  We have six more regular season games plus however many games we are able to earn ourselves in the SEC tournament.  How many more games can we afford to lose before we have to officially resign ourselves to an NIT bid?  I don't know the exact answer to that question, but after three consecutive losses, I do know that a bid to the NCAA tournament is something that we have to now earn.  We have to finish strong.  Strong to quite strong.

  • Just in case you don't believe me, national media outlets are are asking these questions as well.  You really don't need to click on that link.  It's the Associated Press at its very very skinniest.

"We have to have better point guard play, so there could be some changes,'' Pearl said. "Right now, it's Melvin Goins and Trae Golden.  It could have to be Skylar McBee or Josh Bone.  That could be in the cards against South Carolina."

Hmmmm.  Not sure if I love love love the idea of Skylar running the point.  Also not sure if I love love love the idea of lineup tweaks this late in the game.  Hey, whatever happened to that Selby kid?  He'd be nice to have right about now.

  • Scotty Hopson wants the ball in his hands next time we are in a close end-of-game situation.  I very much like the attitude, Mr. Hopson, but isn't just easier to blow teams out?  I like that solution even better.  Let's start with the South Carolina Gamecocks, who lost to Auburn.  In basketball.
  • Melvin Goins has a bit of a neck injury.  He was held out of practice yesterday, but is expected to play against South Carolina, who lost to Auburn.  By 15.  At home.  In basketball.