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Skylar McBee's accent is absolutely fantastic

Y'all want this party started right?  (yeah yeah yeah)  Y'all want this party started...quickly? (yeah yeah yeah).   Alright, well then let me pump this bad boy up.*

  • The fine technologically advanced folks at Go Vols Xtra posted some unembeddable video on their fine site, so I gotta make y'all jump on over there to check out the moving frames in question.  But it's well worth it.  I mean, it may or may not be well worth it from a content perspective.  I actually didn't catch any of the interview content because I was fixated on -- no, mesmerized by -- Skylar McBee's voice.  They don't make 'em much better than that, ladies and gentlemen.  If you play one of the videos, it will loop into an interview with Bruce Pearl discussing the showdown with the South Carolina (yeah, we got Clowney...what now?) Gamecocks.  Coach Pearl touches on a lot of different topics, but surprisingly fails to mention that South Carolina lost at home by 15 points to Auburn University.  In basketball. 
  • To the extent you the reader had a similar reaction to Mr. McBee's voice and heard not a single word that he uttered, then this article has your name written all over it as it discusses the point guard situation going into this evening's squeaky-shoed showdown. 
  • Speaking of the point guard situation, Coach Pearl -- unnoticed by anybody in the process -- slips on his Captain Obvious Cape and opines that our point guards need to do a better job of "passing".  Ahhh, yes.  This must be the solution.  Eureka.  Now somebody get Derek Dooley on the phone...and fast -- tell him the answer is that his team needs to do a better job of "gaining yards".  I keed.  I keed. 
  • Mike Strange on how TBA has not been the tough place for Vol opponents that it was in years past.  Any outside-the-box theories to offer up, you the reader?  Are the students not bringing their A-game?  If not, somebody needs to start cracking some heads like their name was Dolemite.  Not all of us are in KnoxVegas, y'all.  Gotta get your school spirit on.  Step up your're better than that.

*How C&C Music Factory found their way into my brain this Wednesday morning, I simply do not know.