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Lamar Dawson picks Lane Kiffin and the Trojans over the Vols & Kentucky

After tremendous success in the 24 hours before signing day, February 2 got off to a rough start for the Vols as Lamar Dawson of Boyd County, KY picked Lane Kiffin and the Trojans over the Vols and his native Wildcats.  Dawson was the nation's third ranked ILB and the best player in the state of Kentucky - many believed he would stay close to home, but the Trojans win out for his services in the end.

Tennessee still has a bigtime ILB signee in A.J. Johnson, and with the Vols still at 26 commits coming into the day, the overall number looks to still be workable for the Vols.

As for Kiffin?

We hate that guy.  (We'll let you make your own joke about the shrink ray and the eventual size and eligibility of his recruiting class.)