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Antonio Richardson signs with Tennessee - Vols get Top Two in-state players

Antonio "Tiny" Richardson had been one of the most coveted targets in Derek Dooley's 2011 class, as he fit both a position of need on the offensive line, and was considered to be one of the two best players in the state.  After locking up Cameron Clear from Memphis yesterday, Tennessee secured Nashville's Richardson this morning.

The state of Tennessee isn't always known for having the best high school football talent, but Richardson - at 6'6" 310 lbs - can compete right away at offensive tackle in Knoxville.  Tennessee's played four freshmen on the offensive line last year, but with Richardson and several others in this class the Vols will have plenty of depth to get the best five on the field this fall.

After missing out on Marlon Brown and several other highly-touted in-state prospects in the past, the Vols did a great job locking up the best talent in the state this year.  Dooley is clearly capable of going outside the borders, as he'll have to do to compete, but it's also nice to get the best players available in the Volunteer State.