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"The Color Orange" delivers great footage, great story

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Hopefully y'all got a chance to check out last night's ESPN documentary about Condredge Holloway.  If not, they'll probably replay it, and if you can't catch it, then it is a good one to put on DVR.  Here is a nice trailer for the film.



I loved getting a glimpse into an era of Tennessee football that I wasn't terribly familiar with.  I was glued to the TV.  And it was nice to get a profile on a former Vol that I knew of, but didn't know a great deal about.  This write-up from the Huntsville Times is worth checking out as well.

  • Wes Rucker calls the BasketVols the "Groundhog Vols" after the disappointing Georgia loss.  Methinks the most disappointing part of that loss is that the silliest silliest Hopson highlight* that maybe we'll ever see happened in a loss. 

"I try to tell them on the front end, ‘It’s going to be hard. You’re really not as good as you think you are and you’re going to come in and have to earn it,’’’ Dooley said. "That’s a little bit of a risk because some guys don’t like to hear that. But I don’t want a management problem when they get here."

  • The Bubble Battle -- an all too real enemy is now unmistakably on our front doorstep.  Aaargh!!!

*I am referring, of course, to the baseline jam in the second half at the 17:44 mark.  Silly silliness.