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RTT Podcast Talks Bracketology, Bruce Pearl, And The Notice Of Allegations

Join us for the RTT Podcast tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern, as we'll (and hey, I can keep this language from the last post because it's equally applicable for completely different reasons!) wallow through the day's events trying to make as much sense of it as we can.

Actually, we were planning on devoting the entire time to talking with Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation's resident bracketologist, and we're still going to do that, but I imagine we have a little Notice of Allegations talk to get out of our systems as well.

Here's the pertinent info:

[Note by Joel Hollingsworth, 02/23/11 9:51 PM EST ] Apologies once again for the technical difficulties. Here's the recorded podcast, with most of the warts removed.