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SEC Women's Basketball Tournament: Tennessee Plays at Noon Central on Friday

The SEC women's basketball tournament schedule has been released.  Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Georgia are the top seeds (in order) and have byes on Thursday.  Tennessee will play in the opening game on Friday against the Arkansas / Florida game winner.  If they win, the Lady Vols will then play the early game on Friday (3 PM CST Noon CST).  The schedule is rightly tilted in favor of the #1 seed, as they get to watch and scout their upcoming opponent if they win their game. 

In the Friday round, Tennessee will most likely play the winner of a South Carolina / Georgia matchup (USC first plays #12 Ole Miss but really should win).  While Georgia has the advantage of the bye, you almost have to believe that South Carolina would be favored given how the Bulldogs have limped into the tournament.  Ending the season on three straight losses, the Lady Dogs have a bye by virtue of a strong first half of conference play but are now looking for their identity.

On the other side of the bracket, Kentucky and Vanderbilt enjoy byes on Thursday, but they each face intriguing prospective matchups against LSU and Auburn, respectively.  Both games would be difficult to call in advance, making for a very interesting second round of play.  We could very well see Tennessee as the only team with a bye to play a second game; if so, the SEC may send as few as three teams to the NCAA tournament. 

All rounds will be played in Bridgestone Arena, which is the alternate to Memorial Gym as the Lady Vols' home court in Nashville.