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Friday Morning Talking Points

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  • Tobias Harris had his ankle iced after the W at Auburn but should be good to go tomorrow against Bama. Hopson, probably not.
  • Dooley says we're looking at another year of Baby Vols, with 70% of the roster to be freshmen and sophomores. We don't really know about his math, but here's a helpful projected depth chart from the guys at Third Saturday.
  • Stop me if you've heard this before, but Eddrick Loften has signed with the Vols. Good luck getting those scores this time around.  
  • The Tennessean has a nice little feature on former Vol OT, current Knox County juvenile court judge, and upcoming Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame inductee Tim Irwin (including a bonus story about Reggie's  "Jesus is coming now" line).  Irwin will be inducted a week from today along with Bill Battle and, at long last, the great Jackie Walker. In other news from the HoF, Kenny Chesney has been named "Tennessean of the Year" for some reason. THIS IS OUR MOMENT. THIS IS OUR TIME. Peyton should be proud.