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Vols Set for Gators and Other Friday Talking Points

Big news is of course the Vols surviving and advancing to earn a third shot at Florida, and here's your daily round-up of all else Orange-hued:

  • Justin Hunter shows great humility in saying he could "probably" qualify for the Olympic long jump and play in the NFL. And we're certainly not one to doubt him. We are, however, slightly concerned by his talk of choosing one sport over the other next spring. Here's a vote for him jumping over DBs rather than into sandboxes. 
  • Nick Reveiz and 12 other Vols showed up for pro day and went through drills for scouts. Reveiz, who just may be a bit self-interested, argued against the importance of 40 times for LBs.
  • We would question strength coach Ron McKeefery's claim that "we've doubled our speed", except that we just learned he was formerly the "human performance coordinator" for the U.S. Army Special Forces, 160th Special Operations Aviations Regiment. So: speed doubled. Nicely done.