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Selection Sunday Open Thread

Where will the Vols land?  Speculation continues to run anywhere from 7-11, and you can make a case for all of the above.  The brackets will be announced live on CBS at 6:00 PM EDT - follow the unveiling along with us live, as we hold our breath to make sure the Vols are in, and then examine the tournament road ahead for Tennessee.

The final Bracket Matrix has the Vols as a 9 seed.  Chris Dobbertean at SB Nation's Blogging the Bracket has the Vols right on the 8/9 line.  A matchup in that grouping would almost certainly send the Vols against a one seed in the second round, which means there are also conversations to be had about which elite teams the Vols would like to avoid, and who we think is most beatable among the nation's best.

As everything else has been with this team, the tourney draw is sure to be interesting.  We're just a few minutes away from finding out the road ahead, and we'll have full analysis here at RTT tonight, tomorrow, and into next week as we preview our first round matchup.

Yes, we're going to have an RTT bracket contest. We'll post reminders later this week, and really, you don't want to rush through your picks because of the SERIOUSNESS OF THE MATTER, but if you just can't wait, here lives the official Rocky Top Talk group at ESPN.