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Should Bruce Pearl be fired? What about Mike Hamilton?

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The wins, the violations, the lies, the interview. We run the least boring athletic department in the nation.

So on the heels of Mike Hamilton's "we'll evaluate it at the end of the season" kiss of death, what do you think Tennessee should do with its basketball coach and its athletic director? Hamilton's interview yesterday has led us all to believe that decisions are going to be made sooner rather than later - a day after the release of the NCAA's Letter of Allegations on February 23, we ran a poll asking what it would take for you to support Pearl's removal. Just a little over three weeks ago, only 26% supported dismissing Pearl immediately following the season. 31% - the leader in the poll - said they supported Pearl no matter what the NCAA said.

But Hamilton has certainly made it appear that the Vols won't wait to hear what the NCAA has to say about Pearl's sins. Hamilton also must know that his own fate is up in the air - one of the few reasons anyone can point to on the timing of Hamilton's interview is that our AD is simply resigned to his own fate. Whether or not that's the case, Hamilton's future is probably just as uncertain as Pearl's.

So how much fan support does Pearl have left? And does Hamilton have any? Do we think it's better to clean house and start over, or is there any possibility we could still hunker down with what we've got and take the NCAA's punishment?

We'll have an open thread for the NCAA Tournament games at noon, so you'll have a place to discuss today's action separate from this conversation. But on the eve of what could be Bruce Pearl's final game, where do you stand? Who do you support?