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Lady Vols Decimate Stetson, 99-34, Advance to 2nd Round

There isn't a whole lot to learn from the Lady Vols completely dominating a horribly-overmatched Stetson squad, but it was fun. On the heels of, well, yesterday (and Wednesday), we could've used a bit of catharsis, and it's fortunate that the Hatters (yes, the Hatters; yes, the Stetson Hatters. Yes, we know) were the red shirt designated for reporting to Knoxville for the customary 1-16 freebie. At one point, they were even down 10-9. Tennessee scored the next 23 points.

For that matter, Tennessee had two combined runs of 55-0 lasting for about a half, total. (It was 67-32 at the 16:12 mark. The final score is up there in the title.) It was fun, and if we felt bad about losing by 30 to Michigan, this should help a bit.

There really isn't much to take from this game; the closest comparison I could think of was the 99-44 smackdown of Lamar from way earlier in the season, but Stetson wasn't even on the same floor as the Lady Vols. We could have a lot of fun with the stats, but with this kind of talent gap, there isn't much useful. Glory Johnson had the only double-double (with a 14/10), although Alyssia Brewer came close with a 10/9 and Taber Spani had a 8/9.

Ball control - which is the key for Tennessee going forward - was good, with only 7 turnovers against 19 assists. Then again: Stetson. And yes, that 18.2% shooting percentage the Ladies held Stetson to is also pretty, but: Stetson. This is the minimum, and this is what quite frankly needed to happen.

Everyone on the roster scored, which includes both Sydney Smallbone and Briana Bass, who got the loudest cheer of the night when she scored Tennessee's final two points. May as well give her POG honors, which considering our BassWatch(TM) counter this season is the least we can do.

Marquette is next on Monday.