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The RTT Podcast Tests Loyalty Tonight At 9:00 EST

The RTT Podcast continues to retain podcast provider TalkShoe despite its many sins tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern, and no, this is not a metaphor for anything going on right now on Rocky Top, why do you ask?

We'll talk with Glenn Logan and Ken Howlett of SB Nation Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue, who might as well be compensated as co-hosts of this thing for as many times as they've been on. Here's your 1/4th of Zero, fellas. Enjoy!

Seriously, it's always fun to talk to these guys, provided we can get the machines to work, so do join us as we ignore tomorrow night's game against South Carolina in favor of Sunday's Orange Jacket game against the Kentucky Wildcats. A team that can't win on the road plays a team that can't win at home. Should be fun.

Here's the pertinent info:

Assuming it works, you can listen live by clicking the sometimes . . . thaumaturgical . . . orange widget below. Or you can wait, download it later, and listen to it in your car on the way to work tomorrow.