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Tennessee Football Begins Spring With Same Coach As Last Year

Hey, look. Tennessee football is starting spring practice with the same coach they did last year. That's new.

Yes, spring football kicks off today as every good sport does nowadays, with a press conference. Derek Dooley will be speaking with the media at 11:30 AM, and the first practice is tomorrow at 4:00. We'll have a live thread of the press conference because after this weekend, who doesn't want a big orange binky?

The TFP has the editor-mandated 5 Big Questions For Spring Football, theirs being leadership, the receivers, the running game, the safeties, and the defensive line. Inside Tennessee devotes an entire article to the safety question.

Bruce Pearl and Tennessee Basketball

About 150 folks showed up for the hastily-planned rally in support of Bruce Pearl, including Cameron Tatum as you can see in the Hoopers' photo stream of the event. Let it be known that Mrs. Hooper does not feel obligated to crowd ten people together and zoom in on them to make it look like there are ten times are many people there.

Although Cam was the only player there, the rest of the team obviously supports Pearl and wants him to return as coach next year, and several are talking as if their own futures in orange depend on it.

Also, if you, like me, consoled yourself this weekend by unplugging and taking on splinters from dead perennials, then don't miss Will's Save Bruce Pearl post.

Bonus lesson in perspective: This article from the Detroit Free Press about the Tennessee-Michigan game serves as a helpful reminder that while fans of one team are busy closely inspecting bark patterns, others outside the family are not only missing the trees for the forest, they're missing the full spectrum of the entire ecological system. That game had nothing to do with basketball IQ, good sir, and neither did your article. Sheesh.