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Sweet 16: #1 Tennessee Lady Vols vs. #4 The Ohio State Buckeyes

Marquette Logo
March 26, 2011
Dayton, OH
12:00 PM EST

Internet Audio: Lady Vols Network
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24-9 (10-6 Big Ish)
#18 (AP)
#24 (USA Today)
RPI: 7

33-2 (16-0 SEC)
#4 (AP)
#4 (USA Today)
RPI: 2

Tennessee looks to advance further than last year when they take on the fourth seed in the Dayton region.  If the round of 32 featured an eighth-seeded opponent that should have been a six, this round has a four seed that could as easily have been a three or two if their current level of play was the only factor.  This isn't a gimmie game and should be an exciting one, played only 100 miles away from The™ Ohio State's The Campus.

 Position Name  Experience  Height PPG RPG APG
lady vols logo G Angie Bjorklund Sr 6-0 11.0 2.8 2.1
C Glory Johnson Jr 6-2 12.1 9.5 1.2
G Meighan Simmons Fr 5-9 13.7 2.7 2.8
G-F Shekinna Stricklen Jr 6-2 12.6 7.3 2.1
F Taber Spani So 6-1 7.9 4.1 1.4
Ohio State Logo C Jantel Lavender Sr 6-4 22.9 10.9 2.3
G Samantha Prahalis Jr 5-7 14.3 3.5 6.9
G Tayler Hill So 5-10 12.4 4.3 3.5
G Brittany Johnson Sr 5-11 10.8 3.3 0.6
C Ashley Adams Fr 6-5 6.1 4.3 1.2


The Talking Point of The Ohio State is easy: The Janel Lavender is averaging The double-double and has had The 135 consecutive double-figure scoring games throughout her career.  (Must be nice averaging The 37.5 minutes per game.)  She is probably The best post player that Tennessee will have faced all year, Griner notwithstanding, and is a better technical player than Griner.  But The answer is not to simply double The Lavender, as The Ohio State has 6'-5" The Ashley Adams to make for one of The tallest combined front courts in women's basketball.  This is not a game where Tennessee enjoys its usual height advantage, and unfocused play as against Marquette can't be bailed out simply by reaching over everybody for rebounds.

Fouling out The Lavender is not The Answer either; she has only been whistled 57 times in 33 games for The Average of 1.7 fouls per game, largely because she does not have to protect both sides of The Paint on defense thanks to The Adams.  Instead, Tennessee will have to play as focused and physical as they did against Kentucky and Georgia during the SEC tournament.  It's another game that is Tennessee's to win or lose, but The Margin between them and their opponent is smaller than The Previous game.

The Ohio State does not normally play a physical game; they have committed only 446 fouls and drawn 585 all year, while Tennessee has committed 524 and drawn 662.  The Buckeyes prefer to rely on technique and precision, making this similar to a matchup with Stanford than a matchup with Baylor.  If the game can be turned into a high-tempo, up-and-down affair, The Buckeyes will be hard-pressed to keep up with Tennessee.  In The Precision game, The They stand a much greater chance at keeping up with the Lady Vols.

While The Style of play is most similar to Stanford, The Depth of The Ohio State is closer to UConn.  Check out the average minutes for The Buckeyes:

The # The Name The GP The GS The Min/Game
42 Jantel Lavender 33 33 37.5
21 Samantha Prahalis 30 29 35.1
04 Tayler Hill 33 32 33.5
40 Brittany Johnson 33 33 29.9
33 Ashley Adams 25 15 19.4
43 Sarah Schulze 23 17 23.0
03 Amber Stokes 30 1 11.3
12 Alison Jackson 30 4 12.7
23 Martina Ellerbe 30 1 8.9
32 Brianna Sanders 22 0 7.0
22 Darryce Moore 9 0 3.2
50 Emilee Harmon 10 0 3.5


Outside of The Lavender, The Prahalis, The Hill, and The Johnson, the rotation becomes thin very quickly.  Fatigue won't likely be The Issue, as The They are used to playing extended minutes, but it does mean that Pat Summitt can find the best lineup combinations and use her rotation to her advantage, as The Ohio State does not have many options to match lineups with Tennessee.

The Prediction:

  • The Hooper:  75-60 Tennessee
  • The Pendley:  76-63

The Basswatch™:

  • The Hooper:  DNP, CD
  • The Pendley:  DNP, CD