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Is there an assistant coach Bradshaw on the way?

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  • Interesting.  Dane Bradshaw might be a candidate for a spot on Cuonzo Martin's still-forming staff.  This would be an interesting hire and would provide a nice bit of continuity -- at least for us fans -- between coaching regimes. Plus, Bradshaw was always going to be a good basketball coach, right?  Or am I making that up?
  • What I liked the most about the Bruce Pearl era was the style of play.  Now, we got away from the controlled chaos stuff the last couple years, and that is a credit to coach Pearl that he adjusted to his personnel.  But there was something very delightful about watching the Vols when they were pressing and shooting threes.  How exciting was it when those 8, 10, 12 point runs -- the runs that, as a fan, you were just waiting on -- did in fact come to fruition?  Money...steal...Money...steal...Money.  I loved it. Now...with that being said, David Climer at the Tennessean wonders if myself and other like-minded individuals might be disappointed at the style of play that we get from Coach Martin.  Perhaps.  But there were some comments from the Purdue contingency on the RTT podcast yesterday evening that cut the other way.  As fans, we can't reasonably expect to handpick the style of play from a new coach, right?  We should just be happy if we get the wins.  But I do like me an up-tempo style.   
  • Martin wants to meet with recruit Kevin Ware prior to granting him a release from his letter-of-intent.  I understand that if these guys -- Ware and fellow recruit Chris Jones -- want to go then we should let them go.  But, man, don't we kinda need 'em?
  • Interesting speculative piece from John Adams at the Sentinel on what might have been for Erik Ainge.