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Saturday Basketball Schedule And Open Thread

Wow, there are some good college basketball games to watch today. Get some portable food, settle in, and bookmark this page as it contains the magical schedule and official RTT Saturday open thread. Hooper will have a separate thread devoted to the SEC Women's Tournament game between our very own Lady Vols and the Georgia Bulldogs at 2:30 (game tips at 4:00) (all times Eastern).

Georgia Bulldogs at Alabama Crimson Tide 1:30 SECN
(W) Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Georgia Bulldogs 4:00 ESPNU
#14 Florida Gators at #20 Vanderbilt Commodores 6:00 ESPN


The SEC men's basketball tournament is held next Thursday to Sunday. To get an SEC East two-seed, which would give them a first-round bye, Tennessee needs three things to happen: (1) Tennessee needs to beat Kentucky at Thompson-Boling tomorrow at noon, (2) Alabama needs to beat Georgia at home today at 1:30, and (3) Florida needs to beat Vanderbilt on the road today at 6:00. That would put Tennessee, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky all at 9-7 in conference play and would give Tennessee the tiebreaker. So, you know, it's a big weekend because the Vols could wake up Monday morning and be 2nd in the East. They could also be 5th.

There are some other great Top 25 matchups today, too:

#2 Kansas Jayhawks at #24 Missouri Tigers 12:00 CBS
#4 Duke Blue Devils at #13 North Carolina Tar Heels 8:00 CBS
#19 Villanova Wildcats at #5 Pittsburgh Panthers 4:00 CBS
#7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish at #16 Connecticut Huskies 2:00 ESPN