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The Vols are just killing my facebook profile

At the time it seemed like a pretty good bet.  The Vols were rolling and appeared to have a limitless ceiling.  Kentucky was just as young as last year, but not nearly as talented.  Tennessee was likely to sweep the Wildcats.  Worst case scenario we split the games.  This all seemed perfectly reasonable and rationale a couple months back when I made a bet with a friend of mine from high school, who happens to be a die-hard Kentucky fan.  The stakes were simple: the fan of the winning team, for both games, earned the right to control the loser's facebook profile pic for 36 hours. 

My oh my how deeply do I regret making this bet.  My friend has not taken it easy on me.  At all.  I'm not even going to disclose what my profile pic is at time equals present.  It's worse than you could ever imagine.  Woe is me.   Here are some links:

This team, these seniors, this coaching staff’s legacy is not finalized yet. The 2010-11 Tennessee basketball team still has an opportunity to etch a positive place in this program’s history. We could blame our inability to do so thus far this season on one excuse or another but that’s a losing, cowardly, gutless attitude. We won’t do that. I won’t and members of this program won’t be associated with that losing mentality. We will fight throughout the remainder of this season.

  • At least one good thing happened yesterday at TBA: Allan Houston got his number retired in a nicely done ceremony.  Allan Houston is pure class.  I'm proud he's a Vol, and glad to see him permanently memorialized in the rafters.
  • In basketball recruiting news, Tennessee offered a scholarship to Henry Brooks, a 6-7 Forward from the Atlanta area (Miller Grove High School).  From the article, I really like the sound of Mr. Brooks.  I hope we land him.