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Vols Talking Points Heading Into Scrimmage

Some quick Friday morning notes:

  • Andrew Gribble covers yesterday's practice, including updates on Freshman QB Justin Worley and hoops convert Melvin Goins, and looks ahead to tomorrow's scrimmage. Sounds like Wilcox is putting in a more complex defense than we saw last year, but will keep it simple Saturday.
  • John Adams takes a look at the Vols' yo-yo hiring practices and predicts that Cuonzo Martin's successor will be a sleazy flaunter of the NCAA rulebook. Cuonzo's been here, what, half a week? Why are we already talking about what comes next? And isn't Calipari happy at UK?
  • Tyler Bray's back ink of explosive self-love will never get old
  • Former Vol Luke Hochevar got the opening day start for the Royals.. The Vols are already 25 games into their season and open a three-game series at UF today.