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Orange & White Game: Vol Legends Game Rosters

For your halftime entertainment, the second annual Vol Legends Flag Football Game will take place during the Orange & White Game, and is one of the best reasons to come to Neyland Stadium tomorrow instead of watching from the comfort of your own home (though we'll have a live thread if you can't make it and are watching along via

After the jump you'll find the rosters for this year's Legends Game, with thirteen players on each side and plenty of very familiar faces...

(Rosters via

Orange Team - Head Coach Inky Johnson

QB 16 Sterling Henton

WR 15 Carl Pickens

WR 37 Peerless Price

WR 1 Jayson Swain

WR 88 Andy McCullough

OG 75 Mercedes Hamilton

DE 91 Jonathan Brown

DT 92 Jeff Coleman

LB 42 Eric Westmoreland

DB 13 Terry Fair

DB 30 Andre Lott

DB 9 Steven Marsh

DB 29 Mikki Allen


White Team - Head Coach Robert Meachem

QB 19 Jeff Francis

RB 20 Derrick Tinsley

RB 19 Mark Levine

WR 11 Joey Kent

WR 12 Marcus Nash

TE 87 Scott Pfeiffer

OG 74 Jeff Smith

DE 1 Leonard Little

LB 27 Al Wilson

LB 37 Eddie Moore

DB 18 DeRon Jenkins

DB 26 Steve Begnaud

K 4 Jeff Hall


A few observations:

  • They put Leonard Little and Al Wilson on the same team?  Hide your kids.
  • I like the 80s/early 90s flair we've got at quarterback - Henton certainly has the edge as a scrambler, but who has the edge in receivers?  You've got the NFL talent against the school record holders in Pickens/Peerless vs. Kent/Nash.
  • Is the orange team just running five wide every play?  I mean, that's what my flag football team did, so hey...
  • Dark horse MVP candidate:  Scott Pfeiffer.  This will make up for all those years of Peyton Manning not throwing to the tight end.