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Tyler Bray, and why you should spend not a single concerned second

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I think we can all accept as fact that journalists/columnists that write about UT sports are scrambling for things to write about in the time period between the Orange and White game and the beginning of the ensuing fall practice. I think we can also all accept as fact that Tyler Bray did not have a good performance in the Orange and White game, going a double-take-inducing 5-30. In view of the above, we should all accept as fact that articles such as this one will pop up numerous times between now and the beginning of fall practice. Ignore them. They are silly. In fact, let's go through the above-linked article and I'll show you why they are silly.

Guess you can’t feast on the likes of Memphis, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Kentucky every game.

So apparently the author believes that the UT defense split in half is a better defense than South Carolina, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and UNC. This is so utterly and self-evidently ridiculous that little elaboration on the point is required. It's just dumb.

But there could also be at least a little reason to worry about Bray, who needs to work to overcome a tendency to focus too much on fellow rising sophomore Justin Hunter, who caught just one pass for 16 yards. The worst of Bray’s telegraphed attempts to Hunter occurred when he threw into quadruple coverage at one point.

Was this is a tendency that he showed in the 22 quarters that he played against actual teams in games that count? No, no it wasn't. So it isn't really a tendency at all, now is it Mr. Wiedmer? Indeed, it appears to be a sketchy conclusion drawn from a worthlessly small sample size of at most 4-5 plays that occurred in a meaningless game where Bray's other go-to receiving options were removed from the equation (because they were on the other team).

And just to make all this a little more interesting, backup quarterback Matt Simms threw out this zinger when discussing his six completions in 13 attempts for one touchdown: "I played against some pretty good teams in this conference."

This is true, Matt. But you also played against UT-Martin and UAB. You didn't look particularly good against either one of those subpar defenses, and it was by the grace of God and Denarius Moore that we even won the UAB game. How convenient of you to not mention those pesky little details. Also, why the need to take a jab at the starting QB? You tried this after the South Carolina game and it didn't get you your job back. Why go that route again?

More articles like this are on their way. I won't be reading them. I've seen Tyler Bray play in real games, and the guy is silly good. I know this, and I know the coaches know this. Everything is straight. No quarterback controversy exists. And so I will spend not a single second concerning myself with numbers from a game that doesn't count.

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"I feel like in this last class that our size, speed and athleticism was enhanced at every position. I really believe that. Now, whether we’ll be better because of it, time will tell. But that’s a starting point."