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On Bryce Brown, who Smelled like Bacon-Wrapped Bacon

Three quick items for the Talking Points this Good Friday morning:

From the Where Are They Now files: Former UT quarterback commit Tahj Boyd has been named the starter at Clemson. Former UT running back Bryce Brown hasn't yet been able to lock up the starting RB gig at Kansas State. Dr. Saturday weighs in on Brown and has this, which really struck me funny:

In Tennessee, [Brown will] always be a symbol of the sizzling noises Lane Kiffin and Co. made in the kitchen before they snuck out the back door without producing a single steak.

Metaphors for the Kiffin Error never get old.

Tyler Bray may have led the way in the Spring Futility Wars, but it's not like he didn't have some competition for the dishonor.

And if you're looking for the schedule for the Big Orange Caravan, look no further.