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Tennessee Football's Only Real News is Dooley's Tussled Hair


You know it's a slow news cycle when even the local paper is publishing the same story twice about Derek Dooley telling a fundraising crowd that his team is better (which, you know, is probably a good move when you're trying to raise money). If you're going to choose which of those articles to read, I recommend the one with actual news buried in the accompanying picture: IMAGE OF DOOLEY'S HAIR PROVES A TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN AT THE SPRING GAME. If you're after more clicks, GVX, you don't have to publish duplicate stories. Just headline The Hair. You're welcome.

Dooley, by the way, says that the culture of the program is "light years ahead" of last year and isn't especially bothered about the four legal issues that have occurred since he took over. Culture change is indeed hard to measure, but Dooley appears to place a lot of emphasis on a player's response to getting into trouble. 

Justin Wilcox threw the Tennessee defense out of the nest this spring, opening up the playbook and thereby increasing both the risk and reward for the guys in charge of STOP. According to Malik Jackson, the scheme last year may as well have been called 11 Headless Chickens. Yes, those words may cause involuntary flashbacks of a certain LSU end zone.

GVX takes a quick look at this year's six early enrollees.

Scout has an article on NFL Draft projections for Tennessee players that, as you might expect, starts with several paragraphs on Luke Stocker and concludes with several on Vols we would love to see drafted but probably won't. Chris is planning a bunch of UT in the NFL Draft stuff for RTT this week, including a couple of posts today, so look for those.


The TFP has an interview with Cuonzo Martin. Among his responses are his primary concern about the imminent NCAA sanctions: He just hopes they don't involve a postseason ban.