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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Player Rankings!

We covered mock drafts in general yesterday; let's take a look at player rankings today. Specifically, let's do a bit of dissection on the SI rankings, since they're publicly available (and I know Todd McShay hasn't been near them; remember, it's not a post about draftniks unless I make fun of Todd McShay):

  • QB rankings are here. It really isn't a surprise to see 2 SEC QBs - the "we have to mention him every day or Bobby Lowder's showing up at my front door" Cam Newton, and Ryan Mallett. Interestingly, Blaine Gabbert's at the top of their chart. Also interestingly (and related to what Year2 said yesterday), four of the top 6 have notable wheels, although of those four, Locker wasn't really in any kind of spread option attack. After that, it's pro-style heaven - and Greg McElroy checks in at 11th on the list.
  • RB rankings are here. Yeah, Mark Ingram's good; I can't believe he was splitting carries with Trent Richardson and that wasn't a statement on his talent. Derrick Locke checks in at 10th, which is an interesting idea; I think he has the raw speed to be dangerous, but I don't think he'd last more than a few seasons.
  • FB rankings are here. Kevin Cooper(!) is the top-rated FB by far. Sports Illustrated lists him as undrafted, though. I'm not sure what to make of that.
  • WR rankings are here. They have A.J. Green above Julio Jones, which means that whomever put the rankings together actually watched college football, so good on them. Randall Cobb is in the top 5, and Denarius Moore checks in at 15.
  • TE rankings are here. Yup, Luke Stocker's 10th - more on him later today.

Other rankings are there; this looks like a weak year for centers, if you're into that kind of thing.