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Tyler Bray throws block, gets playbook thrown at him

Saturday's scrimmage roundup: the defense strikes first

The short story from Saturday's scrimmage is that the defense played better than the offense.  Derek Dooley in particular  was not pleased with the performance by the offensive unit.  His post-game comments are not likely to give you warm fuzzies all over.  
Well, the one thing, you always have some early conclusions when you scrimmage -- the first one is we're really a bad football team.  The passing game is terrible from an execution standpoint.  The running game is nonexistent, and really that's about it.  The kickers and punter were below average.
It wasn't necessarily all doom and gloom for the offense.  Rajion Neal had a very nice afternoon; Matt Milton continues to show tremendous improvement.  In fact, Milton, Justin Hunter, and Da'Rick Rogers are now referring to themselves as "The Big Three", which Tyler Bray finds amusing (see below video).  Mr. Bray's wicked blocking skills and ongoing digestion of copious amounts of X's and O's, on the other hand, are no laughing matter.  



Cuonzo's Corner: some basketball notes

In addition to Jon "the pad man" Harris and Kent "shooting and scoring is kinda my thing" Williams, head coach Cuonzo "strip and rip" Martin is expected to bring on Nebraska's Tracy Webster as the third addition to the staff. 


I like it when Doc Saturday -- or really anybody for that matter -- takes clever jabs at Lane Kiffin

Compare this story with this story.  Then laugh.