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Point Guard Signee Chris Jones Reaffirms Commitment To Tennessee Basketball


As Incipient_Senescence and RockyTopinKY have already posted, Cuonzo Martin's meeting with UT signee Chris Jones went so well that Jones no longer wants out of his LOI. That's a very good thing, so props to Martin for the re-recruiting and to Jones for sticking. I'm not sure how this math works, but the same article says that Tennessee has between two and six scholarships to offer this year, depending on whether Tobias Harris and Scotty Hopson go pro. So somehow, four scholarships ride on the futures of two players. Anyone know how that works?


John Adams takes a quick look at Dooley's "Year One" and the "Year Twos" of some other folks around the league. It's an interesting topic, so interesting, in fact, that we have 2,250 words on it in the upcoming 2011 Rocky Top Tennessee Maple Street Press Annual.

After a week of Quote Fun from the football staff, they relapsed into boring old coachspeak yesterday. They want to improve in the second scrimmage, which, well yeah. Justin Hunter is practicing route-running and playing with physicality. He's a wide receiver, you know, so okay. Martaze Jackson, a former 205-pound linebacker who's now playing defensive end, has added weight. (Tangent: I'm selling a -p90X DVD program for three low payments of $39.99. You do nothing but sit in a dark room and eat pizza and donuts for three months. People will buy it because it kills you slower than that other thing.)

Dooley did use the word "lunatic" to describe anyone hoping that the ninth practice will be radically different from the first eight, so there's that.