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As predicted, Tennis Vols Drop Bagel on Radford; Va. Tech Today

UT Tennis Facilities
UT Tennis Facilities

In a surprise to no one whose fingers are presently typing up this post, the Vols -- playing in the first round of the NCAA tournament -- dropped a bagel* on Radford University yesterday.  Virginia Tech is next on the breakfast plate, and as of time of publication, the match has already begun.  You can follow the match live here or here for some live blog action.  Thanks to UTsports for providing live internet coverage.


*In tennis-speak, 'bagel' is a verb that roughly means "to beat an opponent and render them scoreless in the process".  The most common use of the term is in a set-by-set basis.  So if our #1 doubles John-Patrick Smith and Boris Concik prevailed 8-0 (or 6-0 in a given set if they're playing a full match), we could say that they "bagel'd' their opponent.  The same terminology applies to Radford here, because they lost 0-4.  The zero is in the same shape as the breakfast treat. Hence, the terminology.