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Vols Serve Up Bagels No Matter What Time of Day

Barksdale Stadium.
Barksdale Stadium.

The Vols beat Virginia Tech today at their home courts of Barksdale Stadium.  This match was never in question as the Vols rolled easily to the 4-0 win.  The doubles point* was won by Smith/Concik and Fago/Jones and the remaining three points were earned by Rhyne Williams, Boris Concik, and Ed Jones

Next up: Palo Alto.


*This gives me an opportunity to correct a previous explanation I provided on the question of how these matches are decided.  So, rather than each doubles match of the 1-3 doubles slots counting a single point each, the teams play all three doubles matches at the same time and the first team to get 2 wins of those 3 matches gets the doubles point.  Just one point.  Singles is then played for all of slots 1-6, and the points are tallied as they finish.  When one team gets 4 wins, they quit playing. It is thus a race to four, rather literally.