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Talking Points This Monday Morning

Quickie Talking Points this morning:

Hundreds mourn former UT football player Aaron Douglas " GoVolsXtra
Some 2,000 people gathered Sunday to celebrate the life of former Maryville High School and University of Tennessee football standout Aaron Douglas.

Phillip Fulmer recalls Aaron Douglas' signing " GoVolsXtra
"When David and Karla (Douglas) got married I sent them a letter, obviously never having a clue that 17 years after he was born I would be signing their son," Fulmer said Thursday by phone. "Well, maybe not no clue, you did have a Lady Vol and a Vol getting married. But I told them their first-born son would have a scholarship to Tennessee. "They kept it, and it was really a neat thing all those years later seeing the letter in recruiting Aaron. It was one of those special friendships that you have that come around in coaching and being around good people."

10 things to know about the 'Enforcement Experience' " GoVolsXtra
News Sentinel reporter Andrew Gribble was one of about 25 reporters from across the country invited by the NCAA to go through an "Enforcement Experience" at its headquarters in Indianapolis.

Andrew Gribble: UT hearing with NCAA figures to be intense " GoVolsXtra
Simulating what likely occurs at an annoyingly high level, Smith's lawyer repeatedly tried to answer questions that were directed specifically at her client. The key word is "tried," as Myers or Potuto would stop her not even 10 words into her sentence and say, with emphasis, "the question was directed at Coach Smith." It's one of the reasons why about 80 percent of the coaches who appear at a Committee on Infractions hearing end up crying at some point during the proceedings, Myers said.

John Adams: Navy SEALs Daniel Lincoln's calling " GoVolsXtra
You probably heard about Osama bin Laden just as I did. You heard it from our President on national television. I like the way Daniel Lincoln got the news so much better. He got it from a Navy SEAL. - A closer look with Devrin Young
Knoxville's Devrin Young had plenty of buzz around his recruitment. Fans had heard all about the dynamic playmaker from Bearden High School for years. Some were skeptical about taking a chance on him, but Young's faith and ability have continued to win over fans. The time is almost here for Young to officially arrive on campus and begin making his mark on Tennessee football. - Moore relishing opportunity

Ralph Weekly: Getting No. 14 seed a 'slap in the face' " GoVolsXtra
"I think it’s ridiculous we beat Georgia three times during the season and they are a No. 6 seed and we’re a No. 14 seed,’’ Ralph Weekly said. "We finished higher in the SEC standings and we beat them in the SEC tournament.’’

John Adams: Baseball team not UT's worst ever " GoVolsXtra
Could this be UT's worst team ever? Answer: A resounding "no."