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Talking Points: UT Baseball Gets a Win, Dwight Miller, and ESPN

  • Hey, look. UT baseball did everything right in beating Auburn 5-2 yesterday and snapping an 11-game SEC losing streak.
  • Tennessee basketball's latest signee, Dwight Miller, was a McDonald's All-America nominee as a high school senior. That's good for a late pick up, right? Eh, says SBN Pitt blog Cardiac Hill:

    Miller looked, at best, like a player capable of being a good backup at Pitt. He did have the opportunity to create mismatches if his jump shot ever became more consistent, but I don't know that he'd ever become a starter. Who knows - I could have this all wrong, but I didn't ever see Miller as a big-time contributor. Solid player? Possibly. Star or even a starter?


  • Something called the Poynter Review Project Blog Blog (that's how it's listed in the header when you clip it), which is apparently an ESPN-endorsed self-critical/peer review group designed to keep ESPN in check, says that "ESPN Insider chose speed over sensitivity" in its treatment of the death of Aaron Douglas. Well, yeah. Sort of.

    Listen, mistakes happen. And haste certainly makes mistakes more likely. And kudos to ESPN for acknowledging the error in judgment and for publishing the Poynter Review Blog Blog and all that.

    But to chalk it up entirely to speed isn't exactly right. At the risk of setting ourselves up for criticism when we inevitably screw up, I'll just note that there were scores of bloggers -- many of whom are squeezing posts into the margins of their hectic work days -- who didn't make the same mistake, you know?